Using Data and ICT for Impact

Linda Veldhuizen

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The central theme of this session is using data and ICT for impact. Data and ICT can be used in various ways to achieve impact on SDG 2, as demonstrated by the first three pitches in this session. Data and ICT can also be used to determine impacts on SDG 2, as demonstrated by the latter three pitches in this session:

Data and ICT for impact: - The promise and reality of open data for SDG 2 (Sander Janssen, Ben Schaap and Linda Veldhuizen) - Capacity building for SDG 2: GODAN action (Chris Addison) - Design principles and challenges in using ICT to empower smallholder farmers (Benjamin Addom)

Data and ICT to determine impact: - SDG contribution of research funded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (Irene Bouwma, Linda Veldhuizen, Simone van Vugt, Juliana Dias Bernardes Gil, Theo van der Sluis and Saskia Visser) - Societal impact of research, researchers and institutes working on SDG 2 (Peter Darroch, Theo Jetten, Elaine van Ommen-Kloeken, Linda Veldhuizen) - Earth observation to monitor progress of the SDGs (Laurens Tits)

All pitches end with two propositions and an ask from the audience. The propositions will be interactively discussed with the room to challenge each other’s thinking. Through the asks from the audience, participants are stimulated to make commitments (e.g. to publish open data). The session ends with joint learning via participants’ main take-away messages.
Original languageAmerican English
StatePublished - 2018


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