Towards a standard-based open data ecosystem: analysis of DCAT-AP use at national and European level

Florian Barthelemy, Michael Cochez, Iraklis Dimitriadis, Naila Karim, Nikolaos Loutas, Ioannis Magnisalis, Lina Molinas Comet, Vassilios Peristeras, Brecht Wyns

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


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    DL: ICAI Discovery Lab

    van Harmelen, F., De Rijke, M., Siebert, M., Hoekstra, R., Tsatsaronis, G., Groth, P., Cochez, M., Pernisch, R., Alivanistos, D., Mansoury, M., van Hoof, H., Pal, V., Pijnenburg, T., Mitra, P., Bey, T. & de Waard, A.


    Project: Research