Contribution Score: Crediting contributions among co-authors

Gunnar Sivertsen, Lin Zhang, Alvin Ding, Rachel Herbert, Andrew M. Plume

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


We have reported the results from the first phase of a project aimed to introduce a tool named Contribution Score (CS) to the daily-life contexts where publications and citations at the level of individual researchers are listed and/or counted. Our results so far imply that Modified Fractional Counting (MFC) might be preferable to traditional fractional counting and full counting. In contexts where full counting is practiced, we intend to suggest CS as a supplement. Our results indicate that the number of publications as first author (and perhaps also corresponding author) should be presented in addition to CS.

In our further work, we will face several challenges when developing and implementing CS as a useful and legitimate tool. A major task in the development phase is to solve possible questions and issues arising from the state of art in the scientific field of scientometrics. This is our reason for presenting results from the first phase at STI 2022.


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