Summer internship 2019: Interfacing Octave with ECL

  • Sathvik, KR (CoI)

Project Details


High Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC) Systems is an open source big data processing platform used to provide big data solutions. Big data processing applications such as image processing, audio processing often make use of mathematical computations.Octave is an open source GNU project an alternative to MATLAB. Octave supports big data in which arrays can be extended till 2GB of space. Octave has an efficient support for computation on numerical data. Linear algebra operations in Octave can be exploited to work on set of numerical values. Operations like element wise multiplication (Hadamard product), vectorization, transformation are the basics of linear algebra support in Octave. However currently there is little provision for execution of extensive mathematical computations on HPCC system platform, hence to enable HPCC Systems to use the power of Octave the project proposes design and implementation of an Octave plugin. Octave plugin gives HPCC Systems a new dimension for its mathematical computation ability, especially the simplicity of Octave enhances its numerical computation power. The Octave plugin is implemented and tested by executing a use case of fuzzy inference system for traffic control. The results demonstrate the successful integration of Octave plugin with HPCC Systems.
Effective start/end date06/6/1909/1/19


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