RDM/FDM Webinarserie DACH 2022

  • Soares E Silva, Marina (CoI)
  • Spichtinger, Daniel (CoI)
  • Wang, Yan (CoI)
  • Biniossek, Claudia (CoI)
  • Stockhause, Martina (PI)
  • Strauch-Davey, Annette (PI)
  • Vierkant, Paul (PI)
  • Bauer, Martina (PI)
  • Blumesberger, Sabine (PI)
  • Warnan, Guillaume (PI)
  • van Rossum, Joris (PI)
  • Callaghan , Sarah (PI)
  • Bartell, Amanda (PI)

Project Details


Elsevier Webinarreihe zu Forschungsdatenmanagement
Von Strategie zur Wirkung: Was Sie benötigen ist eine Infrastruktur (Menschen & Technologie) und einen Mindshift

Layman's description

Elsevier webinar series of 4 on Research Data Management
From strategy to impact: what you need is an infrastructure and a mindshift
4 sessions of 1 hour each with invited speakers.
Format: 10 minute presentation each + panel discussion
Effective start/end date02/4/2203/25/22


  • RDM
  • FDM
  • Forschungsdaten
  • Data Stewardship
  • Standards
  • FAIR
  • Research data


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