Next Research Pilot with Euretos

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The Euretos AI platform demonstrates the value of using Big Data analytics to accelerate multi omics research. Making these capabilities part of hypothesis generation within the scientific discourse, would raise its potential impact significantly. The pilot includes the following steps:The Publisher and Editors select a recent top referenced IJBCB publication with an interesting open question in the Discussion section. This article is analyzed using the Euretos AI platform, bringing in additional knowledge from the vast body of literature and data, to turn the open question into specific new hypotheses that can be validated by future research. The output of this analysis is collected and described in a discussion paper that is made available on the BioRN preprint server. Researchers who have published in this field will be invited to discuss the paper in a dedicated Mendeley group called ‘Next Research’ with the aim to help them find new research directions that are worth pursuing in their lab. All relevant contributions to the discussion will be acknowledged in a follow-up paper to the original IJBCB publication.
Effective start/end date07/1/1712/1/17


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