Impact of gender on author, editor and reviewer capacity

  • Mehmani, Bahar (PI)
  • Squazzinioni, Flaminio (PI)
  • Grimaldo, Francisco (PI)

Project Details


This project focusses on reviewer recognition and aims to acknowledge the contribution peer reviewers make to scientific progress. We aim to improve Recognition: The community wants not only journals but also universities and institutions recognize the researcher’s role as peer reviewer. It is important for academics to see funding agencies and evaluation committees taking note of peer review activities as much as they consider the more traditional metrics.
Collaboration: Many young researchers perform reviews per their supervisor’s request. Science recently published a post about it. It ties in with lack of recognition, which at least partly can be addressed by journal editors.
Bias: Peer review is performed by human beings working in academic hierarchy which is prone to all kind of biases.
Transparency: The peer review process is often coined as a black box. Researchers want it to be more transparent, which potentially will make it more reliable.
Effective start/end date08/26/2008/24/23


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