Dynamic User Interests

  • Liang, Shangsong (CoI)
  • Ren, Zhaochun (CoI)
  • Zhao, Yukun (CoI)
  • Yilmaz, Emine (CoI)
  • Kanoulas, Evangelos (CoI)
  • Ma, Jun (CoI)
  • De Rijke, Maarten (CoI)
  • Hobby, Matt (CoI)

Project Details


User clustering has been studied from different angles. In order to identify shared interests, behavior-based methods consider similar browsing or search patterns of users, whereas content-based methods use information from the contents of the documents visited by the users. So far, content-based user clustering has mostly focused on static sets of relatively long documents. Given the dynamic nature of social media, there is a need to dynamically cluster users in the context of streams of short texts. User clustering in this setting is more challenging than in the case of long documents, as it is difficult to capture the users’ dynamic topic distributions in sparse data settings.
Effective start/end date08/1/1507/1/19


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