Behavioral Finance and HPCC Systems

  • Wang, Ning (PI)
  • Fu, Yuting (CoI)
  • Zhang, Hu (PI)
  • Shi, Huipeng (PI)

Project Details


Dr Ning Wang and Yuting Fu are part of a team that is working on a research project sponsored by the HPCC Systems Open Source Project. Dr Wang is a data scientist and senior research fellow at the Oxford-Nie Financial Big Data Lab. He is also and research fellow of St Hugh's College, Oxford University. Dr Wang takes a special interest in machine/deep learning in finance, social media and mobile trading platforms, online sentiment analysis and financial markets as well as trading behaviours and performance evaluation.

Our collaboration with Oxford University involves sponsoring a PhD student for 3 years. Yuting Fu is the student who was selected to fill this post. Yuting holds a first class honours degrees in Pure and Applied Mathematics from Tsinghua University in China. She is, clearly, a gifted mathematician having won academic awards in China in this field, including the first prize of Sichuan Province in the 2014 National Olympiad and placing 2nd in the Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modelling in 2018.

Their current project involves Using HPCC Systems to carry out research and analysis in the field of Behavioural Finance.The aim is to look at how investor perception and behaviour impacts their trading decisions, developing models to analyse and imitate investor behaviour.
Effective start/end date06/8/17 → …


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