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Summer internship 2019: Fraud detection in value based cards

Prasad, A.


Project: Other

Trust in Research Report

Brown, T. & Schemm, Y.

Project: Other

Summer Internship 2019: Evaluation of machine learning algorithms

Suryanarayana, A.


Project: Other

Summer internship 2019: Interfacing Octave with ECL

Sathvik, K.


Project: Other

Kennesaw State University Annual CCSE Hackathon

Villanustre, F. & Tatum, D.

12/19/16 → …

Project: Other


Historic Chemistry Data with Leipzig University

Restrepo, G. & Yuryev, A.


Project: Research

Creating a Unique Identifier Brokering System for the NIH Data Commons

Davis-Dusenbery, B. & de Waard, A.


Project: Research

Image Manipulation Identification

Walsh, M., Wainstock, D. & Aalbersberg, I. J.


Project: Research

Machine-Based Annotation with North Carolina State University

Menzies, T. & Freeh, V. W.


Project: Research

Next Research Pilot with Euretos

Parsons, M. & Kalff, R.


Project: Research

Teaching and research with LexisNexis HPCC systems with Clemson University

Xu, L. & Apon, A.


Project: Research

Fostering Transparent and Responsible Conduct of Research: what can Journals do?

Malički, M., Aalbersberg, I. J., Bouter, L. M. & Ter Riet, G.


Project: Research

Dynamic User Interests

Liang, S., Ren, Z., Zhao, Y., Yilmaz, E., Kanoulas, E., Ma, J., de Rijke, M. & Hobby, M.


Project: Research

MQTT protocol support for ROXIE

Kashi, A. V., Jakaraddi, M., Shetty, J., Chala, A. & Camper, D.


Project: Research

Big data study on animal testing with Bayer

Steger-Hartmann, T. & Clark, M.


Project: Research

Construction of Method and Algorithm Knowledge Graphs at University College London (UCL) Big Data Institute

Lunagomez, S., Collins, E., Augenstein, I., Riedel, S., Maynard, D., Montcheva, K., Ling, E. & Hobby, M.


Project: Research

Data Science initiative with Harvard University

Parkes, D., Dominici, F., de Waard, A., Fenwick, B., Gabriel, A. & Thompson, L.


Project: Research

Information Extraction for Chemical Reactions with University of Melbourne

Verspoor, K., Tsatsaronis, G., Thorne, C., Akhondi, S., Drukenbrodt, C., Hoessel, R., Cohn, T., Nguyen, D. Q., Zhai, Z., Fang, B. & Yohsikawa, H.


Project: Research

Detecting Manipulation of Citations with Wageningen University & Research

van Groeningen, J. W., Jetten, T., Fest, E., Ritsema, C., Fennell, C., Baas, J. & Aalbersberg, I. J.

01/1/18 → …

Project: Research

Mathematics postdoctoral Fellows with University of Oxford

Bridson, M. & Thompson, L.


Project: Research

Multi-Modal Similarity Search on Web-Scale Data with Humboldt University

Hoeschel, M., Kraemer, M., Fier, F., Freytag, J., Hofer, E. & Villanustre, F.


Project: Research

Reaction network analysis with University of Cambridge

Lapkin, A. & Herzog, E.


Project: Research

Re-SEARCH: Contextual Search for Scientific Research Data with Amsterdam Data Science

Gregory, K., Michener, W., Psomopoulos, F., Wu, M., Papakostas-Ioannidis, T., Parnia, A., Oosterhuis, H., Tsatsaronis, G., van Harmelen, F., Khalsa, S. J., Haak, W. & Siebert, M.


Project: Research

TP-Elsevier-Insight with National University of Ireland Galway

Davis, B., Hulpus, I., Hayes, C., Khawaja, W., Taylor, M. & Colledge, L.


Project: Research

Center of Excellence, India with Indian Institute of Technology

Bhattacharyya, P., Chivukula, S. S. S. K. & Tsatsaronis, G.


Project: Research