2022 HPCC Systems Interns and Projects

Project Details


The HPCC Systems Intern Program runs during the summer months with students joining throughout the months of May and early June. It's a global program and in 2022, students from Europe, Asia and the USA joined the team, hence the rolling start dates which allow us to accommodate semesters in different geographical locations.

If you have been following our intern program over the years, you will know that students across the academic spectrum are eligible to take part and this year's cohort spans the entire range from high school though to PhD. Here are some details about the group:

Two high school students, five studying for a Bachelors degree, three studying for a Masters degree and one completing a PhD
Two students located in Europe (Finland and Italy), one located in India and eight located across the USA
Two non coding projects focusing on documentation and marketing (new category in 2022)
Two NLP projects (another new category in 2022), three ML projects, three platform features/enhancements, one use case (using HPCC Systems ML)
Effective start/end date01/1/2212/31/22


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