Analysis of research data for 11 Institutions - Data Monitor



We conducted an analysis to confirm our observations that only a very small percentage of public research data is hosted in the Institutional Data Repositories, while the vast majority is published in the open domain-specific and generalist data repositories. For this analysis, we selected 11 institutions, many of which have been our evaluation partners. For each institution, we counted the number of datasets published in their Institutional Data Repository (IDR) and tracked the number of public research datasets hosted in external data repositories via the Data Monitor API. External tracking was based on the corpus of 14+ mln data records checked against the institutional SciVal ID. One institution didn’t have an IDR. We found out that 10 out of 11 institutions had most of their public research data hosted outside of their institution, where by research data we mean not only datasets, but a broader notion that includes, for example, software. We will be happy to expand it by adding more institutions upon request. Note: This is version 2 of the earlier published dataset. The number of datasets published and tracked in the Monash Institutional Data Repository has been updated based on the information provided by the Monash Library. The number of datasets in the NTU Institutional Data Repository now includes datasets only. Dataverses were excluded to avoid double counting.
Date made available2020
PublisherMendeley Data

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