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Evaluating Open Information Extraction on Scientific and Medical Text

Groth, P. (Creator), Lauruhn, M. (Creator), Scerri, A. (Creator) & Daniel, R. (Creator), Mendeley Data, Feb 16 2018


Country to country citation ratios

Baas, J. (Creator), Mendeley Data, Dec 14 2018


Supplementary data tables for "A standardized citation metrics author database annotated for scientific field" (PLoS Biology 2019)

Ioannidis, J. (Creator), Baas, J. (Creator), Klavans, R. (Creator) & Boyack, K. (Creator), Mendeley Data, Jul 6 2019


Citation Contexts for Nobel Prize Winning Papers

Cox, J. (Creator), Kohler, C. (Creator) & Groth, P. (Creator), Mendeley Data, Apr 13 2018


Core ECL Machine Learning Library

Suryanarayana, A. (Creator), Github, Aug 7 2019